Girls and Boys of Great Britain are looking to address the dire and unaffordable Housing market through a range of alternative housing designs. With millions of people priced out of ever affording their own property, the need for alternatives has never been more apparent.


The current Government policies are simply not resulting in nearly enough 'truely affordable' houses being built. Merely calling a property 'Affordable housing' couldn't be further away from the truth in nearly all instances. This is merely a terminology whereby a property would still cost on average 75% of market value. With prices so high, this doesn't offer any solution to low pay workers, zero hour contractors or even middle class families on average earnings.


Alternative Construction design:


One option to create 'truely affordable' housing, is through off-site construction of 'plug and play' modular designed properties. This allows streamlined housing to stack easily on top or alongside each other, making it completely adaptable to the size and space available and therefore perfect for tight urban sites.


Each unit is constructed from high quality, eco efficient materials (primarily renewable timber), creating accommodation that is so well insulated that they require little or no heating, even in winter months. This presents further valuable savings as the cost of energy rises.


Units can arrive on site as self-contained units and each unit is constructed in the factory with all the services already incorporated, meaning that water, heating and electricity can be easily connected to existing facilities already on a site.


The great aspect of these units are that they deliver generous space, exceptional insulation, daylight and acoustics. We believe it holds many answers for well-designed and sustainable urban living. These really could be the answer to solve the future housing crisis.


Specifications / further details:


Employing a timber-framed system the units are manufactured in one piece in a factory. Built from precision-cut glue-laminated timber sections assembled by hand. The frames are packed with insulation, forming a structural frame that can be stacked up to eight storeys high.


The precision construction means a degree of air tightness that brings the units to level six of the code for sustainable homes. A three week test showed each home can be lit and heated to 20°C all day and all night for approximately £7 per week.


The system also allows for units to be joined, windows cut into corners and partition walls freely arranged within, bringing more flexibility than the usual container home and built with a lifespan of 60 years.


With this speed of construction and implementation, it could be the perfect solution for brownfield infill plots and even sites where development is stalled, or where construction won’t begin for several years. The beauty is that the units can be moved off site as quickly as they are installed.


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